Vous madorez, ne dites pas le contraire (Gossip Girl, #2) Cecily von Ziegesar




Vous madorez, ne dites pas le contraire (Gossip Girl, #2)  by  Cecily von Ziegesar

Vous madorez, ne dites pas le contraire (Gossip Girl, #2) by Cecily von Ziegesar
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poor blair waldorf! this book is so tragic and alternately should be titled, revenge on blair waldorf for being brunette, short, academic, and not really a scheming bitch at all.in a mere 200 pages or so, here is what happens to poor, unfortunate blair: (1) her unfeeling, oblivious mother announces she is getting married to a cheesy perv shes known for 3 months, (2) said wedding is to take place on blairs 17th birthday, (3) oblivious mother asks blairs arch-nemesis serena van der woodsen to be a bridesmaid, (3) mother and stepfather unleash the fact that adolescent stepbrother both exists and will be moving into blairs house with big smelly dog (poor kitty minky!), (4) blair tries repeatedly to lose her virginity to boyfriend nate and is unsuccessful, (5) nate cheats on blair with a freshman, (6) nate is too cowardly (and baked) to man up and break up with her, (7) blair shoplifts a present for nate in an attempt to make him love her- nate never opens the gift, (8) blair spectacularly blows her yale interview, due to the stress of the foregoing events, and (9) blair loses the student film competition.PLUS the book ends with a tear-ridden blair, after seeing nate smooching jenny humphrey at her mothers ghastly wedding, saying sadly of her idol audrey hepburn, i dont look anything like her, do i?

heartbreaking!on the other hand, here is what happens to blond, golden, tall, leggy serena in GG book 2: (1) earnest (though insufferable) scruffy boyfriend dan declares his love for her again and again- serena (perhaps wisely) ditches him, (2) serena inveigles nate on a road trip with her and dan, though nate has promised blair he will not see serena anymore because he had sex with her, (3) serena and nate fall asleep holding hands, (4) serena gets free drinks, her picture taken, her cigarettes lit, her ass kissed at every turn, etc., and (5) serena wins the film contest!

with a movie she shot of herself going around manhattan shopping and saying inane things! um. sounds like wish-fulfillment?the worst thing for blair is that its clear this is just the beginning. because cecily v.z. (hm, coincidental similarity to serena v.d.w.?) doesnt like her and cant even hide it. not only does sad, non-blond blair keep getting crapped on, but its all spotted with commentary such as, even though blair had been such a bitch and nate knew what blair was capable of, when really, we have yet to see blair DO anything.

the conspicuous lack of machinations and bitchiness has been a real let-down for me. why else read a book called gossip girl? so far, all blair has done is not to welcome serena back from boarding school after serena left abruptly, didnt keep in touch, and didnt tell blair she was coming back. in fact, the only evidence we have that blair is a bitch is that the author keeps telling us that she is. im not sure, but somehow it doesnt seem kosher to talk shit about your own characters.to sum up: unlike everyone else in GG, television, and america, blair doesnt worship serenas golden ass and cvz makes her pay for it repeatedly, reminding us all that if you are not blond, you are less, and whatever you want will always go to someone who is.

(on an uplifting note, the girl who plays serena just won 2 teen choice awards for GG! the girl who plays blair won nothing.)(beginning to wonder when i will start wanting to read good books again - this is getting out of hand.)

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